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Susy Gala

Spain's pole dancing queen Susy Gala is hanging up her platform stilettos and climbing onto another type of hard rod. Flexible, fierce, and fine as hell, this tattooed vixen knows her talents would be better served in Porn Valley! There are plenty of pornstar cocks in need of a rough riding, and she's just the dominatrix for the job. Hailing from Barcelona, Susy Gala has already fucked her way across Europe's BDSM scene since 2012. With no men left to conquer, it's time to see what's waiting across the ocean. America better strap itself down, because her Spanish Invasion is guaranteed to blow you away! In preparation for this historic debut, the leather-clad starlet rode her motorcycle to the gym everyday. Now flaunting a dangerously sexy physique, bouncy big tits, and plump booty, no one stands a chance against this stacked seductress! Prepare to surrender to Susy Gala's charms in the scenes below.

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